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We bring your Houston Texans sponsorship to life.


Houston Texans NFL Football team was looking for a one-stop-shop for their branding and promotional product needs.

There was added value in their team of marketing professionals working on multiple components to have a centralized, uniformed brand from new fans to suite holders, corporate gifts, team sponsors and more.


My Corporate Expressions met the brand licensing requirements and rules to being a preferred provider and went on to meet the team’s needs through various projects. First, we upheld both the NFL and Houston Texans' brand standards, promotional rules, and stadium regulations.

We are also very experienced in working with the stringent corporate brand standards of sponsors to make these sponsorship opportunities work for all involved parties. This experience positions us uniquely to support strategic and creative ideas, supply chain expertise and promotional execution to roll out a successful Houston Texans sponsorship.

Sponsorship Opportunities Tailored to Houston Texans

We created various Houston Texans promotions that effectively supported the organizational goals. Here are some examples:

● Engage fans to boost brand awareness

● Drive sales using stadium promotions

● Facilitate In-stadium brand activation

● Reach target demographics using focused promotions

● Engage suite holders and guests with luxury promotions

Let’s talk about your next project, send us a message!

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