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Strategically Planned Stadium Giveaways Drive Higher Oil Change Redemption Rates

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Brake Check needed a traffic driver. My Corporate Expressions put the pedal to the metal and got customers in the door for oil change services.


Brake Check came to My Corporate Expressions seeking a stadium giveaway idea that would not only promote the brand but drive customers in the door for an oil change.


After reviewing the benefits of several different types of products, Brake Check settled on fun foam footballs. The challenge was that NFL regulations prohibit distributing promotional items that could be used as projectiles before or during a football game.


My Corporate Expressions worked with Brake Check and the Houston Texans to create a foam football to distribute as fans were leaving the game. The foam football could be redeemed for 50% off an oil change at any Brake Check location.


By distributing the football after the game, Brake Check found fans were more likely to retain the product, resulting in a great redemption rate.

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